Manual Micro-Dermabrasion

Discover the fabulous results that rival and even exceed the results achieved by the machine method, and instead of the machine frazzle, enjoy our fabulous therapeutic system which nurtures, calms and revives both the skin, body, and spirit.

1 hour service: $110 Including:

  • A full, detailed analysis of skin
  • A double cleanse
  • A prepping of the skin with multi-vitamin alpha-hydroxy acids or glycolic depending on skins needs
  • A full session of manual micro-dermabrasion using diamond based crystals focusing on the individual needs of the client.
  • An essential oil calming massage with AGEsmart complex
  • Rejuvenating green-tea elixer
  • A multi-vitamin masque
  • A multi-vitamin power firm treatment for lip and eyes
  • A brain balancing
  • An upper body essential oil massage
  • More rejuvenating green-tea elixer
  • Finishing up with AGEsmart products, firming booster and lots of moisture with SPF protection.
  • + lots of warm yummy towels and extra techniques to help you release the old and relax into the new

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