Pregnancy Massage

Would You Like to Have a More Comfortable Pregnancy and Birthing Experience?

Massage Therapy Does Help!

During the childbearing year, a woman undergoes numerous changes, which can create physical and emotional stress. Because you are your baby’s environment, everything you experience is also experienced by your baby. Pregnancy massage significantly reduces the discomforts of pregnancy and provides balance and comfort to you both. Massage is safe for women with normal pregnancies, and can be very helpful for high-risk pregnancies (with a written approval from your health care provider).

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage During Pregnancy:

  • Increased circulation improves blood and lymph flow, bringing more nutrients to all areas of the body including the placenta, while reducing swelling and blood pressure.
  • Muscle strain and tension is relieved, especially in the low back, hips, pelvis, shoulders, and neck.
  • Massage soothes the nervous system, resulting in greater relaxation and better rest for longer periods of time.
  • Massage sessions provides time for you to be nurtured, rest, and connect with your baby.

During Labor:

  • Massage promotes easier and shorter labor periods.
  • Massage helps reduce the need for medications, including epidurals.

During the Postpartum Period:

  • Massage promotes restoration of the abdomen and weight bearing joints and muscles, resulting in a faster return to the pre-pregnancy state.
  • Massage provides support for the physical and emotional challenges of mothering.

Pricing: 1 Hour $100, 75 Minutes $117, 90 Minutes $142

Pregnancy Packages:

  • 1-hr massage $100
  • 5 sessions $450 (reg $500)

Luxury Package: 11 1 hour sessions $990 (reg $1100) 1 massage per month from the 4th to the 7th month. In the 8th month you have 2 nurturing massages. In your last month, you receive 1 massage per week. After the birth, you return for 1 massage that concentrates on the muscles most used during labor and delivery.

Ultimate Package: 15 1 hour sessions $1250 (reg $1500) 1 massage per month from the 4th to 6th month. The 7th and 8th months will include 2 monthly massages, and during the 9th month, you will have 1 glorious massage per week. Post-natally, you will receive 4 restorative sessions.

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