Detoxifying Weight loss Wraps

  • 100% all Natural Aloe Vera and Herbal formula can have you looking and feeling great in no time.
  • Detoxify your fat cells, firm skin and lose up to 2 clothes sizes in a series of 12 (must use body wash daily for these results).
  • This wrap does not equate with water loss; with healthy life-style choices this weight will not return.
  • Must drink a full gallon of water each day for at least 3 days after wrap to properly detox.
  • Recommended to drink a full gallon of water each day for entire series and then afterwards to promote health.


  • Pay up front for series of 6 or more and receive a free Set me Free Aloe body wash ($24 value!)
  • Body wash is highly recommended and can increase weight loss results by 40%
  • Add on a facial and receive 10% off entire service, can be linked to any series.
  • 12 week series recommended by manufacturer for best results.
  • Each wrap softens the fat cell so that the next wrap has greater power to melt away the toxins and fats.
  • All series must be used in the amount of time that equals the amount of wraps (12 wraps = 12 weeks)
  • Wraps are most powerful if spaced 3-4 days apart and lose their accumulatory affects after 7 days.
1 wrap $80
3 wraps $75 each
6 wraps $70 each
9 wraps $65 each
12 wraps $60 each

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