The Most Relaxing Waxing in town – Guaranteed!

We use Healing Arts techniques to make each waxing less painful and more relaxing!

Lips $10
Full Face $30
Add basic lip or Chin for only
Chin- Basic $12
Half Arm $27
Add Under Arm, extra
Half Leg $43
Legs $65 & Up
Bikini $30
Chest $40
Back $50
Brazilian, 1st Time (All Manzilians, call to price & book) $59/Tamara $69
Brazilian, Current Client 4 to 5 week Touch-up $53/Tamara $63
Nose Hair Wax $15

For quality waxing results ALL waxing must have 12-14 days of new hair growth since shaving or trimming

Master Waxer Tamara is available at an additional rate. She’s fast, she’s clean, she’s worth it!

We often give discounts for linking several waxing services together and we gladly adjust prices down for those who have less hair and take less time than average!

Healing Wizdom has definitely earned the title of the “Most relaxing waxing in town.” We utilize healing arts techniques and products to help to work with the body to calm and clear out any stress connected to the waxing. Our care to detail, warm personalities, charming decor, and enhanced skills and techniques have earned us a popular reputation with our many clients and our internet reviews (just Google us or look on this site for our stellar reviews).

We clean the area and prep the hair for a resistant-less release in our own secret way. Our holistic care products pre and post wax empower the immune system to keep the area healthy and strong and we have a great ingrown hair product that we use in the back bar and an inexpensive retail product for home use. We use essential oils products as both pre and post treatment which means that the skin is soothed and redness is kept at a minimum. A typical brow wax is left with zero to no redness. Our aftercare products calm and soothe the area for a painless recovery with zero, to nearly zero, down time.