Massage Cupping

The ancient art of cupping has been made popular by stars and athletes like Michael Phelps sporting his “cup kisses”.

Cupping has been used for centuries by different cultures for healing.  Massage cupping is a variation on this ancient healing modality.  The suction provides a negative pull on the muscles and tissues to release adhesions, scar tissue, stubborn tight muscles, as well as help the body to detoxify through the lymph system.  The suction isn’t as dramatic as with classic cupping so the therapist can move the cup across tight muscles and adhesions.  Just 5 minutes of massage cupping is equivalent to a half hour of deep tissue massage.  After a session of massage cupping you will feel amazing!

Some applications for massage cupping are:

  • Lymph Drainage

  • Loosen Adhesions

  • Release Deep Tissue Issues

  • Move Stagnation

  • Relieve Inflammation

  • Stimulate Blood Flow

  • Sedate the Nervous System

One Hour Massage Cupping Session $105

($125 with Tamara)

30 Minute Massage Cupping Session $65