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Jolene Meier says:

My BREEMA appointment was like an artfully choreographed personal experience of slowly elongating and stretching the muscles and joints. Dori is very professional, and made me feel safe and comfortable when I came to her with extreme back pain. I received much relief from her work with me. Thank you, Dori. Jolene Meier

Patti Mages says:

My brother and I recently took a vacation to Reno and I scheduled a massage for both of us at Healing Wizdom. I had Dori and he had Kelly and they were both wonderful. This was the first time my brother ever had a massage and he hasn't stopped talking about his experience. The tea was great afterwards and some of the reviews say this place wasn't easy to find but I am from out of state and didn't have a problem at all finding it. If I take another trip to Reno I will definately book another massage with them. They are very professional and clean and I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for top notch service. Thank you all for making our visit one to remember your friends Patti from Texas and Don from Oklahoma!!!

Kiki Runco says:

Went for a mother/daughter day at a spa and although it was a little bit difficult to find but when you do find the entrance to the Arlington Gardens mall the enticing aroma of lavender and Chai helps you find their enchanted forest. They are so nice and inviting the moment we walked in, offering us tea and making sure we were comfortable. As for my first time getting a Brazilian wax, I have to say it was not bad at all. The room of the wax was beautiful and relaxing and their services are phenomenal, and they really do go above and beyond to make sure I had a pleasant experience

Tim Lee says:

I work in the local hospital as a floor RN for 19 years. I am constantly under stress caring for my patients. I get regular bodywork. I have found Dori's massage skill nurturing and very effective for my chronic low back strain. My body and mind feel restored after a massage session with Dori.

Daphne Haugh says:

This is the only place I will ever go for waxing services. I booked my first Brazilian wax and had read all the horror stories and was a bit worried, Dana, my technician, put me right at ease and gave me a relaxing, entirely pain free Brazilian wax. There was no recovery time needed because there was no pain, irritation or bumps. I am so pleased with my results and will return for re-waxing and other services. I recommend Healing Wizdom to everyone in the Reno area.

Nancy Nicholson says:

Loved the option to do an online e-mail gift certificate. It suits me perfectly given that I live across the country from my friend in Reno. I also appreciated the help over the telephone!

saghi robinson says:


Deborah Finn says:

I recently had the PLEASURE (yes…I'm actually using that word in conjunction) with the words Full Brazilian and Full Leg Waxing!!!! with Tamara a few weeks ago. The experience was unlike anything I have felt before. I'm a two year “waxing veteran” and this was the most relaxing and painless waxings I have ever experienced. Upon entering the spa, I immediately felt welcomed and relaxed by Deborah at the front desk. Tamara is “The Master” to this new technique of waxing for me. She was informative and verbalized each step prior to each application, making this experience something I will look forward to in the next 4-6 weeks rather than the dreaded “gird my loins for the pain” type of thing….I will be a client for life or as long as I have hair in “unwanted” places! Thanks to you all! Deborah

Shannon O'Connell says:

Healing Wizdom is amazing! I came in a few months ago for a Brazilian bikini wax. I had never had any sort of wax before, and after doing some research I was understandably apprehensive. Shirley June was great. The technique they use (I don’t claim to understand it all) involves using oils to help loosen the hair. While it was uncomfortable, it was not painful. It went fast, and within minutes after the procedure I felt nothing uncomfortable. There was no recovery time whatsoever, no bruising, or any of the horrid things you read about. They also use great after products to sooth the skin and prevent ingrown hairs. I liked this so much that I’ve started regularly scheduling waxing at five week intervals. These later appointments go SUPER fast. They give you amazing tea after treatment and everyone is friendly and welcoming. I’ve been recommending them to everyone I know.

Penny Peabody says:

I just had my first brazilian wax. I shopped around and found Healing Wizdom Spa. I read the reviews, called and made an appointment. As soon as I spoke with Deb, I knew I had picked the right place. When I got to the spa, the decor and atmosphere really put me at ease. There was music, and a light fragrence in the air that helped to sooth my nerves. When I went to the waxing room, again, soft music, wonderful fragrence, very private and the decor was really something to enjoy. I could tell a lot of effort went into creating a soothing place for clients to come and relax. As for my waxing, it didn't hurt, Tamara was excellent and I can't wait to go back again! No bruising no sensitivity – it was awesome to say the least!

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