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MEgan Anderson says:

Healing Wizdom was by far the best waxing experience that I have had. Tamara was wonderful, and truly helped to melt my stress away – even during a wax session!! I was immediately at ease when I visited the spa – everyone was incredibly friendly. I was recommended products that worked and were far less expensive that some of the useless stuff I have tried. This will be my choice every time I need a wax – and I can’t wait to try out other services as well!

gina kolle says:

If you love your hair and your wallet, Creative Colours is for you! They really know how to take care of your hair! I get my hair done by Shirley every time. Shirley always leaves me looking fabulous and I feel fantastic knowing my hair looks and feels great! I love the compliments I get on how nice my hair looks. Creative Colours is the only salon for me! Give it a try, I promise you will not be disappointed!

Amanda Puente says:

This was the first time I have ever gotten my hair colored and Shirley was fantastic. She promised that my hair would be fantastic and when it wasn’t quite what I was looking for, she re-did it for free. The process was quick and easy and the atmosphere was open and friendly. I have told some of my other friends about it and would recommend this salon for anyone.

Lindsay B. says:

I absolutely hands down LOVE this place!!! I went to Healing Wizdom for my first bikini wax ever. Bryna was my aesthetician and she instantly knew that I was quite apprehensive about the process. She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed right from the get go. She was so friendly, explained the entire process to me, told me everything step by step as it was happening…she just made it so easy! The environment is so relaxing, harmonious, clean, and private. I honestly think that this spa is the best one I have ever been to, not only because of the beautiful facility, but also the friendliness of the staff. Bryna did amazing work, and was so helpful and professional. I would recommend Healing Wizdom and Bryna’s work to ALL my friends and family!

Wendy Clem says:

This is a magical place, conducive to relaxing and clearing all obstacles to receiving a healing, hands-on experience. From the fairy surroundings in sound and sight to the well-honed hands of the masseuses, enjoy an adventure in touch as your body gives itself over to the dream of total healing immersion. The card reader, Jaye, gave me a most enjoyable, accurate and insightful reading–sprinkled with her unique humor and sage wisdom. Following a facial, massage, and card-reading, I returned the next week for a haircut and highlights. This was so expertly done, that even two months later, it is still intact, and looks great! This is a wonderful enterprise–I only regret not having had a lunch in the little adjacent restaurant. I did, however, shop the boutique and now have the candles and fairy lights with which I can re-capture my moments of repose and enjoyment at Healing Wizdom! Wendy Clem of Michigan

Anonymous says:

This is the best place in Reno, hands down, for a massage. Between Jaime, the massage therapist, who made me feel comfortable on the phone, and then exceeded my expectations in person. To the calm and nurturing help at the desk, the delicious tea that was Given to me after the massage in a seashell cup, this is an absolute delight. Jaime took her time and the massage itself was wonderful. She took care to Make sure the pressure was right for me, and the hot towels, hot rocks, and the Music,even the crystal molecule chain hanging over the massage table, like the Old spinners you used to see in backyards that spin one way and then the next. I have been enjoying the benefits of this massage all week,including the essential Oil (there are 4 choices) and the feeling of wellbeing a perfect massage can bring. Do something for yourself today and book an appointment with Jaime ,you won’t Regret it and you will be pleased with the pricing. As someone with Lupus, it has been quite a journey getting to the right Place, and now I’m home

Jen Plumb says:

Tamara at Creative Colours has been my stylist for almost four years (I’ve followed her from other salons), and wouldn’t dream of another stylist. She never pressured me to do anything new or risky, but when I complained of the same boring hairstyle and color, she gently suggested a new look and eased me into professional color. Now I love my hair every time and she is the only stylist I have trusted enough to try new things (I am very picky!). My hair is always healthy and well cared for, and the experience is always affordable for truly excellent work – I’ve certainly paid more in Reno for less satisfactory styling. I’m so grateful for her expertise and talent. And the atmosphere and tea make the experience fully relaxing and comfortable!!

Lori Laster says:

I was a client of Tamara’s when I lived in Reno. I’ve been gone for almost four years and lived in three different places and I’ve yet to find an aesthetician as awesome as she is. Tamara I miss you!

Maria Perez says:

I have been with Healing Wizdom since 2001. I have followed Tamara every where! As I was new to aesthetics we had a few instances where my skin didn’t like the procedure, but Tamara always found a way. Now, I have moved on to bikini waxing and I haven’t looked back since. The staff is always so happy to see us and ask how are things are going in our lives. I really feel like they are my extended family. I love all them ladies! The shop is tranquil, relaxing and it feels like a magical kingdom. I once got a massage and ended up falling asleep. Tamara didn’t wake me, she just let me sleep until I woke up! I trust these ladies with my aesthetics needs and my life! I haven’t been to the salon yet, but hope to be in soon!

Jane Lopez says:

I have been going to Healing Wizdom for almost 3 years while I lived in Reno. Fabulous facials by Bryna and hair by Tamara. Tamara’s new salon, Creative Colours is a great hair salon and Tamara is the best colorist and stylist I have encountered. I currently live in the East Bay in CA, about a 3 hour drive from Reno, but I am still traveling to Healing Wizdom to see Bryna for my facials and Tamara for my hair. The atmosphere of the spa and salon, the value of services and the expertise of both Bryna and Tamara far outweigh the cost and time of my travel. There are other great technicians there as well and Mary is such a delite! Another value to me is the flexibility of scheduling appointments and they have never cancelled an appointment with me and are very gracious when I need to make schedule changes. You have to experience this great business. You won’t be sorry!! Jane L.

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