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Ben Knust says:

Internet ordering is easy. Waiting to see if services are as good.

Rudolph Steffani says:

This is a great way to send a gift online. It definitely was the deciding factor in my choosing Healing Wizdom over other Reno spas for a gift purchase. And, I’ve heard good reviews of there services!

Kristin Siddall says:

Tamara does AWESOME Brazillian waxes. If you have never had one……you need to. They are completely affordabe and necessary for any woman. Tamara completes the wax in a very comfortable environment using heat techniqes and gets every little stray hair out. Get rid of that yucky crotch hair!!!!!##

Anonymous says:

I have had three incredibly awesome massages with Jamie and just when I think it could’nt get any better it does!! I have had many massages in my adult lifetime and I have to admit that I rate her good karma and expertise on the massage table as unequaled. I wish I could have this treat every week! Pat M.

Tina Sorenson-Banavathu says:

Was easy and efficient, if the services are just a good then 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Anonymous says:

My hair had been destroyed by a “newby” hair stylist, I’m in my 40’s and looked like a goth teen. I needed help! I’d heard about Tamara’s talents and thought “It cant get any worse.” To my delight she knew just what to do.She added beautiful highlights making my hair look more beautiful than it ever has! I’m very pleased. I wont go anywere else!

Anonymous says:

I have a hard time unwinding, but Healing Wizdom is a terrific place to relax. Though I have not yet engaged their other services (such as wax or hairdressing), I often overhear other customers gush about their experiences. I carry stress from classes and commuting, which often means lugging loads of books on my back all over town when I am not trying to commit them to memory. I currently receive massages from Jamie at Healing Wizdom. She has a magic touch that melts away the stress. Jamie creates a warm, comfortable environment. I feel as though the whole time is devoted just to me. Jamie is very open to feedback, and reminds me not to be shy but speak up if I prefer a different move or pressure. This has created a friendly rapport, which I have never had with any other masseuse. I never feel rushed. After every massage, I am presented with a cup of tea and an invitation to sit until I am ready to go. The staff are always exceptionally welcoming and accommodating, working with me to ensure I am well cared for and content. I highly recommend Healing Wizdom to anyone looking for a worth-every-penny massage at a great local business.

Anonymous says:

My massage with Laurice was exquisite. It was more than a massage. Helped my aches and made me feel good too. I will be back again and again. Lee

Tom Stille says:

This is cool, Tamara! Loved it but wished there were some cooler, less pedestrian pics for the gift certificates. Something more in keeping with the style of your spa.

Valerie Pike says:

very easy to order on. Thank you.

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